Thursday, April 23, 2009

Packing and Hacking

Well not so much hacking as packing, but my throat has been sore since yesterday. Tomorrow before the sun rises I'm driving down to the Bay Area with Melissa as my date. First pit stop: outlet mall in Petaluma. Second stop, Market Street in San Francisco for some serious H&M etc shopping. Then meeting up with Geraldine for dinner and staying there for the night. Uncle Gerry is turing 65 (!!) and we are celebrating Saturday night on a dance party boat in Sausalito! I am just so freaking excited for his adventure. I wish I wasn't getting sick. Mel also has some headache sore throat thing going on too. We'll be quite the pair. Shopping til we drop, missing our honeys, but having a blast dancing til the sun comes up (well not really) on the bay. How more romantic is that? Too bad Mike is in the desert on his bike right now hehe.

Ick a spider was just crawling on my arm when I as writing on my wall calendar!! Now I feel creepy crawlies all over me ewwww.

Ok, gotta complete the packing, go to sleep and get to the City tomorrow.

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