Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Officially Boring.

I know hearing about other people's dreams is one of the most boring things, but I've been having some strange and vivid dreams the past couple days. I tend to dream most in the mornings right before I wake up, which I think is pretty common. Oh god I think this blog is going to be boring. Anyways, recently I dreamed I was in Mumbai, India, at night, and I was wearing a sweater because in my dream it gets chilly at night. Mind you, I dreamed about Mumbai (of all places) before I even tuned into NPR to hear all the horrorific news coming from Mumbai. I woke up wondering, Mumbai really is a place, right? And, what is the weather really like in Mumbai at night? I did some research and it does get a wee bit chilly (high 60s at night), especially if you're acclimated to 90 to 100 degree temperatures during the day. Oh yes, this blog is getting more and more boring. What is possessing me to write this? Ok. The last dream I had was this morning and I dreamed I was giving birth. Two big pushes and out comes this sweet baby boy with a full head of dark hair. Nursing came right away with no difficulty. I was just walking around this strange place with outside decks and stairs with my new baby in my arms. Hmm. I do have this maternal clock thing ticking away, that is a given. Officially boring, eh? Here's a funny picture of my current little one, Mr. Mo (short for Mohammed. Just kidding). He just hangs out like this. For real.