Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little somethings


Enjoyed a few-and-far-between solo lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, read the Journal and warmed up outside of the cold rain. My left hand felt entirely too bare, and reminded me of my single days of yesteryear. Luckily it was all an illusion, though, as my engagement ring was just down the street getting it's jewels tightened. I even forgot my phone at work that lunch hour. No texts, emails or internet searches were on the menu. The unsolicited seclusion was the perfect recipe for this stormy Thursday. I made a pact with myself right then and there to blog more. I love lunchtimes like that.

Over the Weekend:

I helped Mom pick out a new doggie in about 2 minutes at the shelter. It was love at first sight and she is the most lovey pup ever. Sweet Pea, welcome to the family. We love you so.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neptune Quilt Finished

Ahh I love Sundays like this. The sun is out, the chores are almost done (that pesky bathroom is dirty again?!), I'm on my computer and Mike's on his. Bills are paid, taxes will be returned soon, and the huge clean clothes monster will magically find it's home at some point today. AND, I finally took pictures of the recently finished Neptune Quilt! It was the first quilt I started, and it only took a year and a half to complete. Many other projects came and went during this time. This quilt is for me. And I'm so very excited it is done. It lives on the couch now.