Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Professional Friend Requests

To accept or deny? I'm having a new etiquette issue of the 21st century. Recently I've gotten a few friend requests on facebook from people I know in the professional world. More specifically, a client of mine and his son. Now, my profession is such that we consult for our client related to development improvements (subdivisions, lot line adjustments, commercial/mixed use developments, local, state and federal agency interface etc) and we deal with things seemingly very important to our client: time, money and property. So, to have my clients on facebook puts me in a strange position. What if I did or said something on facebook that made me look unprofessional? Not that I make it a habit to express embarrassing or immoral behavior, but what if my actions in my personal electronic world had a detrimental affect on my professional world because of this weird online friendship? On the flip side of this, we live in Humboldt County, and I see these people in the real world outside of my work capacity all the time. Grocery store, musical events, even the bar. So, I think my conclusion is that I will accept them as friends, because what would it look like if I denied them? I think it could be more detrimental to our relationship than accepting them. I do have a current goal to watch what I say more often, so maybe this will be a test to my tactless blunt antics that have gotten me in trouble in the past. And maybe I'll stay off facebook a little more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm obsessed

I'm completely consumed with looking at quilty-type blogs and tutorials and all sorts of fabric online and around town am starting to plan my upcoming quilting projects. I'm such a novice at quilting, but I have this overwhelming will to create things that is keeping me motivated. So, I really want to do a zig zag quilt, and have practiced with triangles now on two different compilation quilts (first attempt) but I find that I should probably practice on something a bit smaller before I attempt a large quilt. I have seen experienced quilters recommend making a doll quilt, but alas, I have no children, nor any dolls. And practicing triangles on a quilt that will be a gift seems like too much pressure. I think I'll practice on pillow covers. I have 3 blank pillow forms that have been waiting to be pretty for at least four years now. I've decided my first quilt will be the disappearing 9 patch. It just looks so COOL! I love this one.. I actually keep the link open and stare at it from time to time while I'm at work. Ahhh fabric porn. I get paid in three days and I am planning online fabric shopping craziness! My stash is pretty much non-existant, save for a few stacks of fat quarters and huge piles of muslin I purchased years ago. Next step: set up an actual stash area in my teeny house.