Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reggae Babee!

We'll be slingin' drinks and takin tokens all weekend, ahh hells yea! See y'all when I get back! I'm just so excited I gotta put pics up from previous years:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feelin' alright..

I've got my little kittie-face Spaz sittin' here right next to me on the table next to my lappy and Mason my former doggie who I'm dog-sitting is laying under my feet as I watch sunday's episode of Big Brother online. God, I'm slightly ashamed that I am watching this show! I swear this is the first BB I've ever followed. And it all started when I was dead tired from our Pork of July party a couple weekends ago. I was zoned out on the couch barely watching tv, when lo and behold, Season 10, Episode 1 of BB was officially airing. So I watched. And got hooked. But I can't make time out of every sunday, tuesday and thursday evenings at 9 (it's on a lot, folks) so I just now got caught up on And now I have only a few minutes until the next 'live' broadcast! That's a lot of blog coverage for BB. I didn't intend this.

Okeee.. I am moving August 30th!!! Arcata here I come! Spaz seems fine with all the boxes and junk moved around - in fact, he seems to be delighted with the change and the odd box to play hide and seek. I hope that bodes well for when we finally get into the new house and he is trapped inside for a few weeks to adjust. My biggest fear is he will revolt against the litter box and use my indoor plants. Though I think that is better than him getting lost, or him running way, or worse... if he is let out too soon at the new house. 11th street in Arcata will be busy - school will have started and he'll be only one house away from that busy area. He loves this big field we have going up here on the Hill, plus he'll have to leave all of his kitty friends. He never gets into fights, and we've been here 6 years. I've only had to treat one puncture wound on his foot and ear, but luckily no veterinary assistance was needed. So, he better get along with all those new cats on the New Arcata Hill, and he better be car-savvy.


One of the best things about this house: Southern Exposure

I love how the concrete front porch stays warm long after the sun has gone down. It is almost 9pm and that porch is still radiating heat like crazy! Feels good on my footsies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Captain Save-a-Dog is Retiring

A happy ending.

Dolly found a good home with Steve's coworker, and Buck (now named Jack) is happy at home with my friend and coworker, Maile. She has a boston terrier female, and was interested in getting a puppy to keep her 5 yr old dog company. I hope they are having a good time getting to know eachother!

Here is Dolly yawning and Jack just chillin:I had so much intense and instant love for Jack that it pretty much controlled me to find him a good home. I cared for Dolly too, but definitely not as much, for whatever reason. Mom thinks it is because I miss our late dog, Angus. Who knows. All I know is that I will see Jack grow up, and have peace of mind knowing he has the best new mommy ever!

Here is Jack and his tongue:
I am just so elated that the puppy week is over on a positive note. It felt sooo long and draining! I could never ever work in a shelter or a rescue place. During this process I have pissed people off, learned a whole lot about adopting out animals, cried cried cried, and realized how much compassion I can have for young helpless creatures. I'm retiring from this biz.

This weekend was Relay for Life out at the CR track. I couldn't believe how many less people and teams there were this year. It was my fourth year on a team, and every year the grassy field gets more and more open as there are less and less tents on it. I'm wondering the fate of Relay for this area. I think the past couple years the committee members and people who ran the Relay office got burned out and just quit for this year. I hope they come back, because we need strong leaders and people with a drive to raise money and awareness for cancer research etc. Anyhoo, one more busy weekend under my belt. Next week: art show, dinner with the ladies, roller derby, and Kasey and Vikki's party. All in one night!

Then the weekend after that....Reggae!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Really Quick

So Dolly and Buck (the two pit bull cross pups) are still in Mike's back yard. I don't think he knows I named them yet, hehe. Mike and his roommate are trying to find homes for them instead of taking them to the shelter, so it's taking a little while. Dolly has quite the personality, and is a bouncy girl and very chewy on hands, pants, hair, ears, anything, really. Buck is much calmer and likes to get loves then wander around by himself and his toys. They keep eachother company while everyone is at work, which is great. It reaffirms that when I have kids, I'd like to have two (we'll see how that plays out!) I love them, but I really don't want the responsibility of keeping them.

Pork of July was a fabulous time. The air was very smoky due to the fires to the south, east and north and it seemed to settle in Redwood Valley, but a good time was had by all. I won't go into details, but they all sure like to party! Looking forward to next year.

It's funny, most, if not all, of my close friends with blogs have children. I sort of feel like there is something missing in my blog, or in my photos.. Weird. The day will come I suppose, and by then I will have years of blogging under my belt. Anyways.

One more thing and this is odd. I dreamed this morning that Dave Meserve, former Arcata City Council member, killed himself. Now don't ask why I am dreaming about a former city council member. I won't go into too much detail, but I was sort of the eye witness in his self-strangling death just because, get this, his blog I was reading was so vivid. Dreams are weird. My work life (city government) and my personal life (this new fancy blog) are intertwining in a way I don't prefer.

I took a bunch more pics of the raucous pups and will post later on my Picasa.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I lied

Between the time I talked to Mike this morning and just now, Mike and his roommate decided to keep the puppies. I guess the saga continues...

I am secretly (or not so secretly) pleased. Puppies!

The Brief Saga Ends

Both pups are now at Miranda's Rescue. I hope they get an awesome family together. The good thing about these puppies is they are so darned cute, they won't stay long at Miranda's, I don't think. I can't believe they were in our lives for only 24 hours, yet they made such a huge impression!

On another note, I am super looking forward to a grand ol' time out at Mike's dad's house in the woods this weekend. The Pork of July annual partay. Should be fun. Sun, tequila, bikers, camping, food.. Just the beginning of a string of festivities every weekend until September! I hope this isn't me in a few weeks...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Le Puppies

So here are Miss Adorable and Mr. Handsome. Mike has a BIG decision to make! :)


I have started a blog! Big things are happening right now - well, not super huge, but life is good. I'm moving to Arcata next month after living on The Hill for all but 8 months of my entire life, I have a fantastic and brilliant boyfriend, my desk job is steadily moving towards being a career with copious amounts of responsibility, and we may keep one or both puppies Mike found abandoned in the rural smoky heat by Piercy today (I'm trying to convince him to keep them together).. That's all for now, as I am busy busy busy at work..