Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moved In and Mostly Moved Out

This past month has been very hectic for me - maybe one of the most hectic months in years. I have lived in the same house for 6 years on Humboldt Hill, and I just moved out to a fabulous little house in Arcata just below the park. Six years is a lot to leave, it felt like. I'm pretty much over it now, but I got quite sentimental about abandoning the HH house. A lot of memories took place there, a lot of accomplishments and a few setbacks but all learning experiences, and I essentially grew to maturity while living there (well, my maturity as it is now, I guess). However, this sentimentality has been tainted by the necessity to do a deep clean on the place for the new tenant. Who knew how much ickyness builds up over 6 years! I do now. I've used a lot of bleach (shh, don't tell the enviro-police). And it's not entirely clean yet, either, and there are various errant yard things I need to move still. And not to mention the trash run for old old crap. I can't wait to not be tied to that house anymore.

I am mostly all moved in in Arcata, but the kitchen needs help. Boxes full of cans and boxes of food, pots and pans, and weird kitchen odds and ends litter the floor and table. The rest of the house is settled, as well as Spaz. It was hard for the first few days. He had to get re-acquainted with the litter box that he hadn't used since he was probably 6 months old. But, no accidents and he is (mostly) happily using it. It doesn't seem like much now that we have a routine, but it was a huge deal moving my six-year old outdoor cat to a new place and keeping him strictly indoors. In the beginning I just couldn't stand his meows and looks of longing out each window and under the door, that I bought a harness and tied him to a rope and 'walked' him around the yard. He acted like the harness weighted a TON and he would scoot/crawl on his belly veerrry sllowwwly across the grass. It was funny to watch, but I felt bad too. I figured out that letting him out on the harness was just making his inside time that much more undesirable for him, so I ended the outdoor adventures. In a couple weeks I'll let him out, but I really want him to know where home and safety is before he is on his own. One thing I continue to feel bad about is that he is moved away from all of his kitty friends. He was quite the popular neighborhood cat. He had this one blind friend who he loved to sneak up and pounce on. The blind kitty had a weird meow, it was more of a squeak or a beep sound. So every time Spaz would play with him, he'd squeak beep squeak! I'm sure he'll make more friends, being the social good looking cat that he is.

I really wish I had a few days to just chill and get everything settled, completely. Oh wait, I did just have a 3-day weekend. Where the heck did it go?

I'll have photos up of the new place soon. First I need working internet at my house. Suddenlink SUCKS! I think I may ditch them and go local.