Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dirt Rising/Rager on my Liver

Reggae (I am still compelled to say On The River) Rising this year:

slightly annoying
black boogers
not the best line up
9pm-2am shift serving very wasted/fried/stoned people is NOT my cup of tea

Mike was there and he is awesome!
gyros. 'nuff said.
gorgeous weather
always fun to hang with the entire family and camp
unending supply of juices, water, beer and hurricanes

Even after all of my complaining and horribly bitchy attitude (I dearly apologize, Mike and family) I am still going next year. I told myself and Mike emphatically when we were catching the last shuttle at 2:30am "I am NOT doing this ever again!!" but when I woke up the next morning, I was ready to do it all over again - next year. Every year I tend to skip out on Dirt Rising on Sunday all together. Am I getting old and staunchy? Mean and bitter? Maybe. Just don't make me work that night shift again! Oh and this was funny but also pissed me off. Around the midnight hour, I was called a Hater! Two jockrockers wanted free water and when I wouldn't give it to them, one called me a hater and then mouthed at me "Fuuuck Yooouuu." I almost was scared. Who knows what kind of drugs they were on, and they were big. And this was all when Mike was off at the medical tent fixing his bleeding knuckle. Ice is sharp!

What I learned (again):
  • I have little tolerance for ignorant, stupid and rude people.
  • I need to loosen up.
  • I'm a reggae purist. I love roots and dub reggae and not reggaeton, dancehall or even worse, hip hop rap reggae.
  • My man is incredible and I love him so much.
We hardly took any pictures, but here are a couple. Drew and Michael were stoned and hot needing free libation. Mike and I were eating and sitting under the parachute.

I guess when all is said and done it was a pretty good time, despite my ramblings. Next year will mark our 10th year working on the beverages crew. A decade of the same reggae festival, I guess that's why I'm a tad burned out. But not enough to stop going.