Thursday, July 30, 2009

Failing Miserably

I am so far behind on where I set my sewing goals earlier this summer. I have slacked BIG time on my Neptune quilt, but the top is almost patched together. I am primarily writing this to kick myself in the butt to progress on my projects. I've done a few things, like making a tablecloth for my friend Kasey, and I've made a little progress on the improv squares for Marina for our quilt group (basically I've cut the random pieces of fabric). I realize I am so far from improv that it is incredibly hard to actually complete. But, I must get it done because in 2 days the ladies are coming over to share our blocks!

This summer has been incredibly busy with weddings, parties, vacations, and just all around outside sunshine time that does not equal inside sewing time. However, true to it's nature, coastal Humboldt County has been experiencing the traditional foggy summers, so I should be getting more done than I am. Oh well.

Oh, and we've been doing some of this too: