Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love Sunday!

Today was pretty much my definition of the best Sunday ever. I slept in until almost 10 and that is only because I covered my eyes with the blanket to shade from the blasting bright skylight to squeeze in an extra couple hours. Mo was outside my door periodically mewing like he was in so much pain. I tell him if he behaved during the night, he wouldn't be banished outside the bedroom door, but he doesn't get it. I had a banana for breakfast, washed dishes, took out trash, did laundry, caught up on bloggies and facebooked, ate a meager raid-the-fridge/cupboard lunch, yada yada - all that Sunday stuff. Took a shower, went to Murphy's and got a bottle of table red and sat down at my sewing machine. I've been very inspired by Lynn's retro fabric for some reason. I've made four blocks for our quilt group's third compilation quilt and I still have more fabric left over to work with. Mo was 'helping' me sew as you can see, but from his expression I think he was jealous of where my attention was. I'm totally digging the disappearing 9 patch blocks. Soon I'll be starting my own quilt with this design. Here are the four:

Oh and how could I forget to mention?! We finally gave Tony his secret birthday blue oceany/watery quilt yesterday! He seemed to really enjoy the thoughtfulness and the way we kept it a secret this whole time. It is the second quilt for our group. This is my dolphin pinwheel strip (and my toes) on a rare sunny day
Here are the quilt group girls minus Kathryn - home with a horrible back issue :( and the happy quilt recipient Tony and our finished quilt! I guess technically it isn't a quilt because it isn't quilted, but it is extremely beautiful and we are all so proud and looking forward to more more more!
We also still need a name for our group! We are so busy hunched over our fabric to get creative with a name. I think yesterday when we gave Tony his gift, we enlisted the men in our lives to help out with a name. We'll see how fruitious that is..


Sara said...

I love your squares for Lynn's quilt! I always keep them under wraps until they're given away, maybe I don't need to? It's fun to see yours.

John said...

Hey Deirdre! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I wanted to respond to your question but your account is set to "no-reply", so I figured I'd leave a comment here. Unfortunately, I am not sure where that solid blue fabric came from, since Nettie sent it to me along with her other fabrics. Sorry!