Thursday, April 23, 2009

Packing and Hacking

Well not so much hacking as packing, but my throat has been sore since yesterday. Tomorrow before the sun rises I'm driving down to the Bay Area with Melissa as my date. First pit stop: outlet mall in Petaluma. Second stop, Market Street in San Francisco for some serious H&M etc shopping. Then meeting up with Geraldine for dinner and staying there for the night. Uncle Gerry is turing 65 (!!) and we are celebrating Saturday night on a dance party boat in Sausalito! I am just so freaking excited for his adventure. I wish I wasn't getting sick. Mel also has some headache sore throat thing going on too. We'll be quite the pair. Shopping til we drop, missing our honeys, but having a blast dancing til the sun comes up (well not really) on the bay. How more romantic is that? Too bad Mike is in the desert on his bike right now hehe.

Ick a spider was just crawling on my arm when I as writing on my wall calendar!! Now I feel creepy crawlies all over me ewwww.

Ok, gotta complete the packing, go to sleep and get to the City tomorrow.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is here

Mo loves to lay silly in the skylight sun.

The first caterpillar in the yard

Strawberry blossoms and fruit tree blossoms.

Today was hot!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project list and a side note

I'm super busy at work but I feel overwhelmed with all my (crafty) projects swimming in my head so I just really need to type them out really quick so I can get back to my work projects:
  • 2 birthday surprise gifts due for June (mustn't go into detail here)
  • 'Fancy' pillow for Mike with fabric I have yet to purchase but is reserved for me on Etsy
  • Tula Pink Neptune disappearing 9 patch first ever quilt for ME
  • Checkbook cover
  • Finish more squares for Lynn's retro quilt with remaining fabric
  • Spring Chicken!!! Too cute. No reason to make it except I think it is more than adorable.
  • At least one fabric box for fabric scraps
  • I also want to make a purse/bag using one of the various tutorials I've seen floating around the internets and then get good at it and give them away as gifts
I wonder if I should just create a sidebar thing on my blog for works in progress, so I can just refer to it and not blog about them over and over? Good idea. I'll do that later.

Ok, one more thing that just makes me so happy for some reason. There is an auto-electric repair place across the street from my work. It is owned by a couple, and they work together, day in and day out. She mainly does the business end, taking appointments/payments etc, and he works on the vehicles. Today I saw both of them assessing something under the hood of a red hot rod car, and they just seem so content. I know that every relationship has its issues, but they must really get along if they work all day together, get off at 5 oclock (on the dot, every day) and go home together too. Anyways, I just like them and the image I have made of their perfect relationship in my head makes me happy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love Sunday!

Today was pretty much my definition of the best Sunday ever. I slept in until almost 10 and that is only because I covered my eyes with the blanket to shade from the blasting bright skylight to squeeze in an extra couple hours. Mo was outside my door periodically mewing like he was in so much pain. I tell him if he behaved during the night, he wouldn't be banished outside the bedroom door, but he doesn't get it. I had a banana for breakfast, washed dishes, took out trash, did laundry, caught up on bloggies and facebooked, ate a meager raid-the-fridge/cupboard lunch, yada yada - all that Sunday stuff. Took a shower, went to Murphy's and got a bottle of table red and sat down at my sewing machine. I've been very inspired by Lynn's retro fabric for some reason. I've made four blocks for our quilt group's third compilation quilt and I still have more fabric left over to work with. Mo was 'helping' me sew as you can see, but from his expression I think he was jealous of where my attention was. I'm totally digging the disappearing 9 patch blocks. Soon I'll be starting my own quilt with this design. Here are the four:

Oh and how could I forget to mention?! We finally gave Tony his secret birthday blue oceany/watery quilt yesterday! He seemed to really enjoy the thoughtfulness and the way we kept it a secret this whole time. It is the second quilt for our group. This is my dolphin pinwheel strip (and my toes) on a rare sunny day
Here are the quilt group girls minus Kathryn - home with a horrible back issue :( and the happy quilt recipient Tony and our finished quilt! I guess technically it isn't a quilt because it isn't quilted, but it is extremely beautiful and we are all so proud and looking forward to more more more!
We also still need a name for our group! We are so busy hunched over our fabric to get creative with a name. I think yesterday when we gave Tony his gift, we enlisted the men in our lives to help out with a name. We'll see how fruitious that is..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Monday

I'm sitting here with a huge stack of new fabric from my first ever order off of Etsy. Deborah at Whipstich is Incredible. She even has her own magnet.

Alexander Henry Granville - 5 prints, 1 yard each, a charm pack of wonderland (!!), a layer cake of tula pink's neptune (for my first ever quilt), a FQ of Kaufman's Iota vegetable garden, and two unexpected FQs of some old AH and another unknown fabric to me (so far) and a 1/2 yard I think AH and it fits in perfectly with my Granville collection! All I have plans for, but mustn't discuss for they are all gifts (except Neptune). Wow, lots of parenthesiseses in this one (I do love my parenthesis). I want to post photos of my fabric, but I think I'll just lay in bed and fondle them as I sleep instead.

At least something is making me smile today.