Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love it! I hate it!

That's what Mike says I am like. I can't just sort-of like something. I'm a all or nothing sort of gal. I'll make this short. I like to cook. I wish I knew more. I need to know more. I saw 'Julie and Julia' in the theatre this weekend and now I'm obsessed with Julia Child's cookbooks. I love Julie Powell's blog. Every day after work I'm poaching eggs like crazy. My first poached egg ever, and it wasn't oval and the yolk was not as runny as I prefer, but it tasted heavenly. I made more tonight, and didn't take pictures before I chowed. They were more ovule and pretty than this one.I also made my version of that fabulous bruschetta that Julie and Eric totally devoured in the movie. It was so good I had it for dinner last night and breakfast again this morning at work. A coworker said "....whoa... " as I walked by with my plate of heaping tomatoes and fresh basil on toast. I skipped the garlic on accident last night, and found that it tasted fresh and yummy without, so I skipped it purposefully this morning too. I believe many fantastical meals will come out of me in the following months as I devour Ms. Child's cookbooks and continue reading Ms. Powell's still-on-the-internets blog. Currently I have had on my shelf, for, oh, over a decade, a used copy of The French Chef Cookbook and am just now busting it open. Stay tuned. Oh and I haven't forgotten my sewing, it's just taking a back burner this week. Har har.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Start

Disappearing 9 patch quilt top - it's getting there! Slow and steady wins the race this time.

Another Bag

I'm having fun making these bags. This one is larger for more groceries and has an inner pocket. I'm practicing on these, then I'll start making the numerous birthday bags!

Skirt Time

I made this quick and easy skirt for a little one yet to be born. I hope mommy likes it! I think I'll make another slightly larger one too, with lace at the bottom.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neighborhood cat and Mo

This neighborhood cat has been loitering on my porch the last couple days. I made the mistake of petting him a few days ago, then again this evening. Mo is quite curious!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Post

Finished blocks for Marina's cherished fabric improv quilt made by the Underground Sewers (that's our group's new name!). She absolutely loved all of our creations and I can't wait to see how she pieces all of the slightly wonky blocks together. We weren't allowed to use straight edges or rotary cutters for this assignment! I just love how bright and textured the fabrics are.

These were mine:
and these are all blocks the five of us made - just a start!
This is a block from my Neptune disappearing nine-patch. It is taking me forever to get this thing done, but I'm diligently getting the top pieced together this week. Hopefully I'll get the back done and the quilt sammy made next weekend. And this, well this is the very impromptu market bag I made this afternoon. I needed to get to the grocery store, and I lost my other pre-fab market bag months ago. The guilt of using the Co-op's paper bags got to be too much, so here is this beaut! I altered this tutorial a bit and used 3 different fabrics instead of two.

I used some Joel Dewberry, some Arcadia, and the ever popular Essex linen in putty. Lovely fabrics, I must say.
She made her maiden voyage this evening, and came out like a champ! But just because I'm paranoid, I'm going to stitch the heck out of the straps so they don't detach from the bag. Happy Sunday, not looking forward to Monday....