Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Really Quick

So Dolly and Buck (the two pit bull cross pups) are still in Mike's back yard. I don't think he knows I named them yet, hehe. Mike and his roommate are trying to find homes for them instead of taking them to the shelter, so it's taking a little while. Dolly has quite the personality, and is a bouncy girl and very chewy on hands, pants, hair, ears, anything, really. Buck is much calmer and likes to get loves then wander around by himself and his toys. They keep eachother company while everyone is at work, which is great. It reaffirms that when I have kids, I'd like to have two (we'll see how that plays out!) I love them, but I really don't want the responsibility of keeping them.

Pork of July was a fabulous time. The air was very smoky due to the fires to the south, east and north and it seemed to settle in Redwood Valley, but a good time was had by all. I won't go into details, but they all sure like to party! Looking forward to next year.

It's funny, most, if not all, of my close friends with blogs have children. I sort of feel like there is something missing in my blog, or in my photos.. Weird. The day will come I suppose, and by then I will have years of blogging under my belt. Anyways.

One more thing and this is odd. I dreamed this morning that Dave Meserve, former Arcata City Council member, killed himself. Now don't ask why I am dreaming about a former city council member. I won't go into too much detail, but I was sort of the eye witness in his self-strangling death just because, get this, his blog I was reading was so vivid. Dreams are weird. My work life (city government) and my personal life (this new fancy blog) are intertwining in a way I don't prefer.

I took a bunch more pics of the raucous pups and will post later on my Picasa.


Monica... Media Professional said...

Whoa- That Meserve thing freaked me straight out til I re-read it and actually stopped to read all...of...the...words. hah.

And the kid thing... I'm with you. It is amazing how many of my Subscribed blogs are talking babies and baby showers and pictures of adorable children. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen (Sure, try to tell me that when I'm hormonal and wanting to breed *now*).

Puppies puppies... So cute. And you don't have to put them through college. :-D

Keep on bloggin', D. I love reading it!

Jessicurl said...

You do know that you won't be able to leave the kids in the backyard, regardless of how well they entertain each other, right? :-)