Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have started a blog! Big things are happening right now - well, not super huge, but life is good. I'm moving to Arcata next month after living on The Hill for all but 8 months of my entire life, I have a fantastic and brilliant boyfriend, my desk job is steadily moving towards being a career with copious amounts of responsibility, and we may keep one or both puppies Mike found abandoned in the rural smoky heat by Piercy today (I'm trying to convince him to keep them together).. That's all for now, as I am busy busy busy at work..


Anonymous said...

First Comment! Congrats, D. You are AOK and RSSd in my book.

-Mike D

Anonymous said...

what is this thing "blog" that you speak of.

I thought posting pictures of the puppies was mandatory.


Rockhouse Jones said...

Good start. We want more D!

Monica... Media Professional said...

Yay for D blogging!

I can't wait to read further installments. And see pictures of puppies. :-D


Sara said...


Lila said...

Welcome to the A-Hill, Neighbor. We shall have some fun!

Bad Lila