Sunday, July 20, 2008

Captain Save-a-Dog is Retiring

A happy ending.

Dolly found a good home with Steve's coworker, and Buck (now named Jack) is happy at home with my friend and coworker, Maile. She has a boston terrier female, and was interested in getting a puppy to keep her 5 yr old dog company. I hope they are having a good time getting to know eachother!

Here is Dolly yawning and Jack just chillin:I had so much intense and instant love for Jack that it pretty much controlled me to find him a good home. I cared for Dolly too, but definitely not as much, for whatever reason. Mom thinks it is because I miss our late dog, Angus. Who knows. All I know is that I will see Jack grow up, and have peace of mind knowing he has the best new mommy ever!

Here is Jack and his tongue:
I am just so elated that the puppy week is over on a positive note. It felt sooo long and draining! I could never ever work in a shelter or a rescue place. During this process I have pissed people off, learned a whole lot about adopting out animals, cried cried cried, and realized how much compassion I can have for young helpless creatures. I'm retiring from this biz.

This weekend was Relay for Life out at the CR track. I couldn't believe how many less people and teams there were this year. It was my fourth year on a team, and every year the grassy field gets more and more open as there are less and less tents on it. I'm wondering the fate of Relay for this area. I think the past couple years the committee members and people who ran the Relay office got burned out and just quit for this year. I hope they come back, because we need strong leaders and people with a drive to raise money and awareness for cancer research etc. Anyhoo, one more busy weekend under my belt. Next week: art show, dinner with the ladies, roller derby, and Kasey and Vikki's party. All in one night!

Then the weekend after that....Reggae!!!

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Dronk said...

I do believe Reggae was on Saturday. PWND! Oh snaps! :)
-Mike D