Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feelin' alright..

I've got my little kittie-face Spaz sittin' here right next to me on the table next to my lappy and Mason my former doggie who I'm dog-sitting is laying under my feet as I watch sunday's episode of Big Brother online. God, I'm slightly ashamed that I am watching this show! I swear this is the first BB I've ever followed. And it all started when I was dead tired from our Pork of July party a couple weekends ago. I was zoned out on the couch barely watching tv, when lo and behold, Season 10, Episode 1 of BB was officially airing. So I watched. And got hooked. But I can't make time out of every sunday, tuesday and thursday evenings at 9 (it's on a lot, folks) so I just now got caught up on cbs.com. And now I have only a few minutes until the next 'live' broadcast! That's a lot of blog coverage for BB. I didn't intend this.

Okeee.. I am moving August 30th!!! Arcata here I come! Spaz seems fine with all the boxes and junk moved around - in fact, he seems to be delighted with the change and the odd box to play hide and seek. I hope that bodes well for when we finally get into the new house and he is trapped inside for a few weeks to adjust. My biggest fear is he will revolt against the litter box and use my indoor plants. Though I think that is better than him getting lost, or him running way, or worse... if he is let out too soon at the new house. 11th street in Arcata will be busy - school will have started and he'll be only one house away from that busy area. He loves this big field we have going up here on the Hill, plus he'll have to leave all of his kitty friends. He never gets into fights, and we've been here 6 years. I've only had to treat one puncture wound on his foot and ear, but luckily no veterinary assistance was needed. So, he better get along with all those new cats on the New Arcata Hill, and he better be car-savvy.


One of the best things about this house: Southern Exposure

I love how the concrete front porch stays warm long after the sun has gone down. It is almost 9pm and that porch is still radiating heat like crazy! Feels good on my footsies.

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