Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Yuletide and Holiday Spirit

I read a lot of blogs and inspiration is everywhere for me. Sometimes I find it quite difficult to focus on the things that bring home the bacon - these 9+ hours sitting at a desk in an office, surrounded by coworkers. The fourth quarter billable challenge is wearing on me, for sure. Mike tells me to suck it up and just get through it. So that's what I'm going to do. Only two and a half weeks left though, then I have eleven blissful days away from work to craft and sew and sleep and enjoy the peaceful winter on our little hill above the town.

We've made an offer on another house. I try so hard to not get excited lest the same torture is around the corner like we experienced with the short sale earlier this year (and last year). But oh do I love dreaming about how I will make that new house a home! Paint colors, homemade curtain and shade ideas, furniture upgrades (in time of course) and how our family of 2 will grow. I decorated the house on sunday - candles and strings of lights everywhere and ornaments hanging from doorways. Our house is too miniature to put up a Christmas tree, but it's festive all the same. That will be another thing that I can't wait to do - decorate a full size, live tree in our new house! Ideally I'd like to get a potted tree and after the holidays plant it somewhere - our yard, or somewhere where we'll be able to watch it mature.

I've turned on the Vince Guaraldi Holiday station on Pandora at work. Is it too soon to be this excited about the holidays? Big life changes are right around the bend, I can feel it! The sun rose with a bang this morning. It's a bit how I feel too - raw edged, on fire, unpredictable, energized and eager.

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