Thursday, November 18, 2010

Simple thoughts

Outside my window.... I see a hallway of busy bees bustling to and fro. Though I wish I was looking out of my living room at the rain pattering the window sill.

I am thinking... about redecorating but our house is so teeny tiny (and a rental) that it is pointless. I think I will reorganize instead, and donate more things. Things things things. How do we accumulate them so quickly?

I am thankful for... the fact that Mike and I (and Mo) can function around eachother in our 600 sq ft house without too much complaint :)

From the kitchen... comes some new and exciting recipes from my numerous cookbooks needing attention this weekend.

I am creating... many things on the sewing machine. Namely a small quilt for a newborn baby. I must finish this before said newborn is a toddler! Also would like to get started on Christmas gifts. Still unsure of what form they will take.

I am going... to meet up with a dear friend after work over a glass of wine. It's been too long.

I am reading... A Year In Provence

I am hoping... to really create a lot this weekend (after putting in some extra time at work, blegh!)

I am hearing... the new Kings of Leon cd and work mates talking about stormwater system design and pipe sizing

Around the house... I will be definitely be putting away my mounds of clean clothes this weekend and getting some quiet crafting time in. (I figure if I write it down it'll be more likely to happen..)

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