Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Juggling Act

There are so many things happening right now! So many balls in the air it feels a little hard to take a complete single breath. In a GOOD way though!!

Girls weekend in McCloud/Shasta area concluded on sunday. What a fabulous time but I'm still trying to gather all the photos to share. Reconnecting with my ladies was so fantastic and so necessary!
I'm engaged!! Mike proposed last night and I am really having a hard time concentrating on anything today! So happy and excited for our future. The ring is just so gorgeous and simple and beautiful and I can't stop looking at it. I wuv him so much. <3

We're still trying to buy this short sale house. We made the offer in early October and are still negotiating with the bank. Hoping the next thing out of them will be 'we've reviewed your offer and contract and ACCEPT!' but, alas, it takes months and months for any movement from them, so we're in for the long haul with this one. The $8K tax credit is over in April, and April is coming too soon! I hope we can get in on that. I'm always down for a little extra cashola!

Two of my good friends are due in June/July. One is requesting a home made diaper bag that I can't wait to start, and the other will be receiving a lovely girlie baby quilt :) Such fun! Oh also I'm going to make a set of six placemats in exchange for some sweet Keen thermal boots (already in my possession)! The sewing to-do list is growing...

Mike has a bum ankle and is dealing with trying to get a surgery and it's all very complicated and another unknown hanging over our heads. I just want him to feel better and be healed!

Finally, work cannot be busier right now!! Projects are ramping up in various stages that all need my undivided attention.

Pics to follow - just need some t-i-m-e.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations! :):):)

houses for sale said...

Congratulations! You have a very nice home.

Angelo H