Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Post

Finished blocks for Marina's cherished fabric improv quilt made by the Underground Sewers (that's our group's new name!). She absolutely loved all of our creations and I can't wait to see how she pieces all of the slightly wonky blocks together. We weren't allowed to use straight edges or rotary cutters for this assignment! I just love how bright and textured the fabrics are.

These were mine:
and these are all blocks the five of us made - just a start!
This is a block from my Neptune disappearing nine-patch. It is taking me forever to get this thing done, but I'm diligently getting the top pieced together this week. Hopefully I'll get the back done and the quilt sammy made next weekend. And this, well this is the very impromptu market bag I made this afternoon. I needed to get to the grocery store, and I lost my other pre-fab market bag months ago. The guilt of using the Co-op's paper bags got to be too much, so here is this beaut! I altered this tutorial a bit and used 3 different fabrics instead of two.

I used some Joel Dewberry, some Arcadia, and the ever popular Essex linen in putty. Lovely fabrics, I must say.
She made her maiden voyage this evening, and came out like a champ! But just because I'm paranoid, I'm going to stitch the heck out of the straps so they don't detach from the bag. Happy Sunday, not looking forward to Monday....

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