Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love it! I hate it!

That's what Mike says I am like. I can't just sort-of like something. I'm a all or nothing sort of gal. I'll make this short. I like to cook. I wish I knew more. I need to know more. I saw 'Julie and Julia' in the theatre this weekend and now I'm obsessed with Julia Child's cookbooks. I love Julie Powell's blog. Every day after work I'm poaching eggs like crazy. My first poached egg ever, and it wasn't oval and the yolk was not as runny as I prefer, but it tasted heavenly. I made more tonight, and didn't take pictures before I chowed. They were more ovule and pretty than this one.I also made my version of that fabulous bruschetta that Julie and Eric totally devoured in the movie. It was so good I had it for dinner last night and breakfast again this morning at work. A coworker said "....whoa... " as I walked by with my plate of heaping tomatoes and fresh basil on toast. I skipped the garlic on accident last night, and found that it tasted fresh and yummy without, so I skipped it purposefully this morning too. I believe many fantastical meals will come out of me in the following months as I devour Ms. Child's cookbooks and continue reading Ms. Powell's still-on-the-internets blog. Currently I have had on my shelf, for, oh, over a decade, a used copy of The French Chef Cookbook and am just now busting it open. Stay tuned. Oh and I haven't forgotten my sewing, it's just taking a back burner this week. Har har.

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