Sunday, June 7, 2009

A very happy birthday

Numerous pictures in this blog, beware!

This weekend has been action packed full of Mike's birthday fun. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon and evening in the kitchen making a german chocolate cake from scratch (Mike's favorite) then homemade lasagna for the birthday boy's dinner. For some reason the coconut pecan frosting didn't make it to the outside of the cake, but that is ok, because Mike enjoys the cake part of the cake better anyways. It looks pretty funny, sorta lopsided and bare, but it sure was tasty! And as always, he hammed it up for the camera big time any chance he got.
I also have spent the last few weekends thinking up a pattern for pillows for Mike's bed. I just love Alexander Henry's fabric collections, and made a couple pillows out of naked camo girls and some cutie patootie spotted owls. My mom says the owl pillow looks like it's for a kid.. Of course Mo had to get in on the action. A blog post is never complete without a shot of the crazy catface.

We rounded out the evening with the brand new Guitar Hero for Wii at John and Melina's. We lost ALL track of time, and noticed that it was almost 1 am and decided to call it quits. I can't get Eye of the Tiger out of my head (and I don't want to!)
Today is Mike's actual birthday, and we're celebrating with dinner and a movie with his folks. Fun fun! Happy birthday sweetie!!

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