Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi, my name is...

..Deirdre, and I'm a fabric addict.

I searched high and low for the Lush line by Erin Michael. I spent more than I probably should have for small pieces of discontinued fabric. But this love feels so good!!
I hope I am done with this particular addiction to this line so I can stop spending so much time searching the internet for it and actually make something with it! I have been completely inspired by this quilt Jacquie, from Tallgrass Prairie Studio made for her son. It is simple, gorgeous, and a lovely design!

What's funny is that since my mom and I got back from a visit with Grandma Pat, I've been having this urge to really declutter my house. I'm not an inherently cluttery person, but I do tend to get lazy about the dishes in the sink, or the pottery dish full of who knows what on my bookcase/coffee table/kitchen counter. So while I continue to receive bundles of fabric in the mail and stash them away in my fabric bins, I simultaneously have been filling the goodwill box. Life is good.

Mom's birthday was friday, and I made her four placemats from the Alexander Henry Granville line. She loved them, but as I suspected, she wants eight! I tried different quilting techniques on each one, and because my feed dogs don't lower on my machine, I can't stipple. The curviest I can manage are slight waves, which I actually really dig how they look. You can't really tell the different techniques in the photo, but I tried waves, square spirals, boxes within boxes, and long curves every which way (still need to come up with a better name). Here are the backs:
And here we all are, enjoying the last of the Lincoln warm air. From left to right: Me, Mom, Aunt Laurel and her man Mike, Uncle Randy, Grandma Pat, Bon Bon (the cutest little munchkin doggie you will ever meet) and Grandma's honey Morris. Happy birthday Mom!!
And that concludes this segment of June 2009 birthdays.


Sara said...

Those placemats came out beautifully! So are you going to make four more?

Allison said...

Love that fabric, of course. :) I wasn't loving that line until it was discontinued, and then mad frenzy hits and I fell in love with it. :) Oh and I love the pomeranian in the last picture, its like my own and looks just as snooty as mine does. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison

Lyndsay @ LouLouBell said...

Hi Deirdre, I am also a fabric addict, i've been enjoying your blog posts!