Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Professional Friend Requests

To accept or deny? I'm having a new etiquette issue of the 21st century. Recently I've gotten a few friend requests on facebook from people I know in the professional world. More specifically, a client of mine and his son. Now, my profession is such that we consult for our client related to development improvements (subdivisions, lot line adjustments, commercial/mixed use developments, local, state and federal agency interface etc) and we deal with things seemingly very important to our client: time, money and property. So, to have my clients on facebook puts me in a strange position. What if I did or said something on facebook that made me look unprofessional? Not that I make it a habit to express embarrassing or immoral behavior, but what if my actions in my personal electronic world had a detrimental affect on my professional world because of this weird online friendship? On the flip side of this, we live in Humboldt County, and I see these people in the real world outside of my work capacity all the time. Grocery store, musical events, even the bar. So, I think my conclusion is that I will accept them as friends, because what would it look like if I denied them? I think it could be more detrimental to our relationship than accepting them. I do have a current goal to watch what I say more often, so maybe this will be a test to my tactless blunt antics that have gotten me in trouble in the past. And maybe I'll stay off facebook a little more.


Anonymous said...

Keep the real goods on the blog. You can keep it in stealth mode by not putting your last name on it.

On the other hand, who really gets hurt by rejected Facebook requests? What kind of person can't handle that? Everybody knows lots of people have a "real-world friend" clause.

I totally know what you mean, though. For a while I was like "Myspace can go to the savages. Facebook will be for me only." Fail.

-M Yamamoto

Anonymous said...

Shit... I denied or ignored at least half a dozen last night. Keep it real sister. Keep it real.

-O. Shake

Amy said...

Who cares what they think, it's facebook, not taking their name off the client list. I agree with O. Shake, keep it real. Don't fret the nonsense.