Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Story: Sleepless In Arcata

The Players:
Mo, the teenage kitten who will stop at nothing
Mason, the eight year old border collie who has lost his cool
Deirdre, the human who wants everything to just work out

The Plot:
Deirdre decides to dog sit for her beloved Mason who is only in her life when his owner goes out of town. This decision has created an 'invasion' into Mo's domain for a weekend, and maybe a week depending on their compatibility...

The Dilemma:
Mo is extremely curious about Mason to the point where he follows him everywhere, and gets so close to the him that he freaks himself out and hisses at Mason. Mason was a good sport about this odd creature at first, and just laid back thinking to himself 'Cat, just go away, OK?' Three days go by, and Mason is having trouble brushing off the cat-turned-devil. Mo watches Mason eat, and tries to drink from his water dish. Mo bats at Mason's unassuming wagging tail, much to Mason's dismay. Mo slowly skirts around Mason's sleeping form to get around him. Mo tries to eat houseplants and when disciplined by Deirdre, also gets an earful from Mason. Mo even wants to play with Mason sometimes, but doesn't quite know how that works with a 'tween cat and a mature dog. Deirdre watches the two interact; however numerous hissing-barking-rash movement bouts later, and Deirdre is fed up.

The Conclusion:
Against Deirdre's desire and to Mo's contentment, Mason will be going to another caretaker until Friday to prevent the likelihood of blood shed - or at least a puncture wound or two. Deirdre is upset - these are the only times she is able to be with Mason, yet her new kitten will not accept this temporary addition to the household.

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Teresa said...

Deirdre dear: I can just see them when you're not around, sleeping, probably near each other. I think you should just relax, and let them work it out. I know it must seem endless, but it's only been a couple (a few?) days, and there's a learning curve for young, inexperienced Mo, especially. Mason gets along with Furgus, who has always been mellow around dogs and everyone.