Monday, October 13, 2008

Violated Continued

I just checked my car in more detail. There are actually two dents. One a square-shaped dent about 1.5 inches and another longer dent on the door about 4 inches long. This is not right.

I called and complained, but I am afraid I'll piss the dude off even more, and create more problems. The supervisor said he would talk to the driver. I doubt he will get reprimanded, let alone fired.

Two fucking dents!

Guess I learned my lesson.

Can I make them pay to fix the dents?

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Antonio said...

Abso-fuckin-lutley they should pay to fix the dents. 3 foot rule or not. you didnt park in their right of way or anything. they just bashed your car, period. can you prove it or get them to admit it was the garbage guy?

Your insurance co. should be all over it.