Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm not quite sure where to start, and most of you who read my blog already know, but my sweet kitty boy Spaz was hit by a car last week and is gone from my life now. I am facing, for the first time, truly living alone. Spaz was my buddy for 6 years and was the bestest, most spoiled sweet smart cat ever. He enjoyed his fields too much, and searched far and wide for one after our move to Arcata. He died doing what he loved, and he had a wonderful life with me. It's heartbreaking. We buried Angus our family dog only in February, so this felt all too soon to be doing it again. His grave is among all our other pets up on Humboldt Hill, overlooking the bay and the coastal mountains.

This house feels so lonely and quiet without his presence. Luckily Colin had to go out of town, so I watched Mason the Dog all weekend. It was the greatest solace I could have asked for. His energy was just what I needed in this quiet house. The support and compassion from all of my family and friends was so very appreciated as well. I am truly blessed to have so many loving people in my life and truly blessed to have shared those years with Spaz.

I know it's too soon, but I think after the new year I am going to get two new kitties :) I am a pet person, and just feel normal and whole when I am surrounded by animal energies.


Kat said...

I know how hard it is to lose a beloved kitty, but he had the best life with you. It's not too soon, two of the luckiest little kitties are just waiting for you to love them.

amy said...

Big hugs!